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Who we are

In the era of “Information Society”, communicating means especially knowing how to effectively exploit channels and tools made available by latest digital technologies.

KDEV assists the customer in the achievement of its specific targets, thanks to our ability to design, develop and deploy effective solutions in a short time through an optimal combination of hardware and software technologies.

Our Services

KDEV works in the realm of internet services distribution, consulting, mobile apps and software development, especially in industrial area.

  • all-in-one hardware devices (FoxBox);
  • SMS/MMS/e-mail gateway;
  • mobile App (iOS, Android, Windows);
  • hosting and housing;
  • software development consulting;
  • applications and web sites;
  • multimedia products;
  • data analysis;
  • advanced support;
  • customized services.

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KDEV Services

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SMS FoxBox

SMS Gateway

Software & Media

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